We provide comprehensive immigration services and advise based on law, regulations and policies.


We have extensive experience having worked in the public sector, in managerial, decision making capacities. Additionally, while working in the public sector, we contributed to policies, made decisions on complex and difficult applications, managed staff and worked with various immigration boards and management.


Should you decide to engage Moxie Immigration and Administrative Services, we will manage the entire immigration process, from initial contact with the applicant to submitting the application to WORC.


We have worked with a broad range of persons, from individuals who need domestic helpers to small business and large corporations, in a variety of industries.


We can also advise on difficult applications and refusals.


In order to compete with other immigration service providers, we distinguish ourselves by offering a flat fee for our applications instead of charging an hourly fee (which adds up fast, believe us!).


Some of our services include:


• Temporary and annual work permit applications;

•Work permit amendment applications and work permit deferrals;
•Residency and Employment Rights applications;
•Business Staffing Plan work permits; and,
• Business Staffing Plan amendments.


Additionally, we provide general immigration advice regarding Cayman Islands Immigration Law, including for Civil Partners.

We have just introduced a new service: Fee Check! For a small price, we can advise on the immigration application fee and work permit, PR or Status fee. 

Call, email or message us at anytime to inquire about any of the services listed above.

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