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Global Citizen Certificate - 6 December 2020

In October 2020, the Cayman Islands Government passed the Immigration (Transition) (Global Citizen Exemption) Regulations, 2020.

These Regulations provide a path for digital nomads to work in the Cayman Islands for two years. If granted a Global Citizen Certificate, the Global Citizen may come and go from the Islands freely, may have dependants accompany them, and the fee is only CI$1,230!

To qualify for the Global Citizen Certificate, an applicant must be employed outside of the Cayman Islands and must intend to remain employed outside of the Islands if a Certificate is granted.

The Applicant must also earn at least US$ 100,000 annually and must provide evidence that the income is generated outside of the Islands. This amount increases if the Applicant wishes to add a spouse, a civil partner, or children to the application.

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